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This tut is intended for those that have a working knowledge of PSP

I am using PSP X but any version will work

Supplies Needed

* Scrap Kit used is called "In The Pink" by Topcat Tagz which you can find HERE

* Tube of choice, I am using the work of Hitana. It is a FTU Tube which you can download from  HERE 
*Font Of Choice (I’m using FairyDust)

Let’s get Started

1, Open up new image 600 x 600
2, Open element 33, resize to 80%, copy & paste
3, Open paper 6, click inside frame with your magic wand, selections, expand by 3, copy & paste your paper 6, selections, invert, then hit delete, select none, move paper below the frame.
4, Magic wand, click inside frame, modify, expand by 4, copy & paste tube as a new layer, move to position, selections, invert, hit delete, selections, select none,
Add a drop shadow of choice to your tube.
5, Move frame, paper and tube over to the top left slightly
6, Copy & paste frame again but this time resize to 40% place frame bottom right
7, X out the all the other layers, so that all you can see is the small frame, select magic wand, click inside frame expand by 3, copy & paste paper 6, selections, invert, hit delete, selections, select none.
8, Repeat step 4 for your tube again, resize as needed. Add a drop shadow as before.
9, Select the tube in the smaller frame change the opacity to 80
10, Open element 34, resize to 50% copy & paste, then move them under the large frame, position as you like.
11, Open element 8 resize to 50%,
Open element 9 resize to 50% do this twice on element 9,
Open element 11 resize to 50% then place in position, then resize again and place on smaller frame.
Open element 1 resize to 50% place on smaller frame

Add your Artist © and your name, add a gradient glow to both.
That’s it now save your tag
This is only a guide and feel free to use any of the other elements you wish
Most of all have fun

This tutorial was written by Anita on 21st April 2011